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USC Still Interested In Eagles HC Chip Kelly, Titans An Option Too?


Ian Rapoport is now reporting that USC has already reached out to Eagles HC Chip Kelly regarding their head coaching vacancy.

Beyond that, Rapoport adds that the Titans can’t be ruled out as a potential option for him should Philadelphia move on after the season.

Of course, this would give Kelly an opportunity to coach his former Marcus Mariota.

There has been speculation that Tennessee could be an option for Kelly for some time, so this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.


Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Eagles HC Chip Kelly is “despondent, frustrated and feeling the heat for the first time” following the team’s blowout loss to the Lions on Thanksgiving.

My understanding is that after the ugly loss to the Lions in front of the entire country, Chip Kelly was despondent, frustrated and feeling the heat for the first time, aware it seems that his job status may actually be in doubt after grabbing all the power this past offseason,” Rapoport said. “That said, he seems intent on fixing this issue, understands that his back is against the wall and is looking at making some possible changes with a little mini break after the Thanksgiving day game.

According to Rapoport, USC remains interested in Kelly, and they’re at least expected to “touch base” with him after the season is out.

“But at the end of the season he is gonna face a decision,” Rapoport continued. “It seems it is a little bit of a longshot for it to come from another NFL team, but USC still maintains interest in Chip Kelly. It seems like they will at least touch base with him after the season. He is gonna have to make a call on what his future holds after this season with the Eagles ends.

Earlier in the week, Rapoport reported that if Kelly were to move on from the Eagles at the end of the year, it’s more likely he would accept a head-coaching job with a college program than look for another NFL opportunity.

“Nobody close to him actually knows what he’s going to do,” Rapoport said. “Colleges are certainly much more of a threat than NFL teams. Mainly because if he did want to change teams, it’s incredibly complicated in the NFL. But USC still has interest in Chip Kelly. They would pose the biggest threat to him. But when you do talk to people with knowledge of his thinking, what they offer up is that maybe he’ll still want to prove that he can fix the Eagles. He doesn’t want to look like he bailed on the situation, as he did with Oregon.

Things haven’t gone so good for the Eagles in 2015, and Kelly has come under a great deal of scrutiny from fans and media since he took over full control of the team’s 53-man roster.

Of course, there’s still time for the Eagles to get things turned around and make the playoffs, considering that they’re just one game back in the loss column to the Giants.

Since taking the Eagles’ head-coaching job back in 2013, Kelly has led them to a record of 24-19 (55.8 percent) including two 10-6 seasons and a playoff appearance.

We’ll have more regarding Kelly’s future with the Eagles as the news is available.

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