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NFL Notes: Catch Rule, Broncos, Giants, Raiders, & Rams

Catch Rule

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell mentioned that he’s formining a committee to come up with a better catch rule that can ensure better officiating.

A couple weeks ago I asked several football personnel including former GMs, our current GMs, current individuals, former players, former officials to come together and try to see if we can study this and come up with some proposals for the competition committee to consider,” Goodell said, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post. “There are a lot of factors to consider in that: how it’s officiated, how it’s played, how it’s coached, how fans react to it.

“We want clarity to that. We want to find a better solution if it’s out there. And so that committee will come back and it will report to the competition committee. The competition committee will then, of course, report to the membership if there’s a solution or a recommendation.”


  • Peyton Manning said that he hasn’t about his future: “I haven’t thought about anything but getting healthy.” (Troy Renck)



  • Owner Mark Davis told Ian Rapoport the Raiders are either staying in Oakland or moving to Los Angeles, and that other sites are not currently options.
  • Davis also told Rapoport he doesn’t consider the Rams a potential partner in relocation, saying he already has “an equitable partner. It’s (Chargers president and CEO) Dean Spanos.”


  • Jason Cole reports the Rams could remain at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis “year to year” if they aren’t allowed to relocate to Los Angeles and don’t like the deal for a new stadium in St. Louis.

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