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NFL Notes: Christian Hackenberg, Los Angeles, Broncos, & Vikings

Christian Hackenberg

Chris Mortensen spoke with a long-time personnel director regarding Penn State QB Christian Hackenberg and his declining draft stock.

It’s [brutal] what’s happened to Hackenberg,” said the personnel director.

According to Mortensen, many know Texans HC Bill O’Brien’s affinity for Hackenberg believe that his floor in the draft is wherever Houston is slotted in the first round.

“Even then, it’s not difficult to envision a couple of other teams take a hard look at him before the Texans pick,” explained the personnel director. “I think what you’d want to know is how much damage has been done to his confidence. You certainly want to know if he is resilient enough to go through the hard knocks of playing quarterback in our league, too.

Los Angeles

  • Adam Schefter writes that it’s hard to imagine the NFL shutting down the San Diego market, but the NFL is determined to move “at least one, if not two teams” to Los Angeles for the 2016 season.
  • According to Schefter, the Chargers and Rams are thought to be the “clear-cut top-two candidates” to move to L.A.


Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that NFL executives and coaches are skeptical that QB Peyton Manning can overcome the flaws in the Broncos’ offense, once he’s healthy enough to play.

I seriously doubt Peyton could survive,” said one defensive coach of the beating Brock Osweiler has endured in recent weeks. “It’s not that Peyton isn’t tough. He has proven that but youth serves Osweiler well with their problems.

The coach also pointed HC Gary Kubiak‘s offensive scheme as something that could exacerbating the team’s offensive line issues.

“Kubiak is a good offensive mind, a well-respected guy, but it’s about as elementary as it gets,” this coach said. “He did a good job in Baltimore but he also had a veteran offensive line, maybe one of the three best in the NFL. I think he has to take a serious look that it’s 2015 going on 2016.


  • An NFL executive tells Adam Schefter that what’s happening with Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater reminds of what transpired with Christian Ponder a few years ago.
  • Schefter’s source explained that Ponder initially showed some flashes of talent that made the Vikings believe he could take the next step in his development, but he unfortunately flamed out.
  • According to Schefter, there is still confidence within the organization regarding Bridgewater’s long-term future. However, others around the league aren’t as convinced.


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