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NFL Notes: Los Angeles, Broncos, Dolphins, & Rams

Los Angeles

  • Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk takes a look at the different options in regards to the Chargers, Rams, and/or Raiders relocating to Los Angeles in the coming years.
  • Multiple expressed a “strong belief” to Florio that, regardless of how the L.A. situation specifically plays out, it will end with the Chargers moving to L.A.


Archie Manning mentioned during an interview with WDSU in New Orleans that Peyton has been dealing with the foot injury since the offseason.

“He went back this year and he struggled again with injury. He really had this foot problem. It’s been going on for five or six months,” Archie Manning said, via TheDenverChannel.com.

According to his father, Peyton could return in 2016.

Peyton’s got plenty of sense, so when everything’s done at the end of the year he’ll sit down and make a decision. Whatever he does, Peyton will attack it. If he steps down, he’ll find something else and go after it. If he wants to play some more, he’ll go after it,” Archie Manning said.


Despite their prior interest in Jim Harbaugh, Tom Pelissero of USA Today writes that Harbaugh won’t be a candidate for the Dolphins’ head coaching job after the season.

According to Pelissero, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross spent time with Harbaugh at the University of Michigan this fall. However, Ross reportedly has no interest in poaching his alma maters head coach to run his NFL team.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent Gov. Jay Nixon and his stadium task force a letter saying that the league has no plans to provide $300 million toward the construction of a new St. Louis stadium.

Goodell writes that the idea that they’ve committed $300 million to the current proposal “is fundamentally inconsistent with the NFL’s program of stadium financing,” via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“We are not changing this bill,” said downtown Alderman Jack Coatar late Thursday afternoon. “We are passing the bill as is tomorrow. We have the votes and we’re moving forward.

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