Cowboys Unlikely To Make Major Changes To Coaching Staff Or Roster In 2016

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said during an interview with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Tuesday that they do not plan on making any major changes regarding their coaching staff or personnel in 2016.

“The bottom line is that I can make you a strong case where you should line them up and go again with your hand,” Jones said, via “But under any circumstances, you have to do what you have to do.

“And so just change for change sake? No, you’re not going to have that because I believe that we’re closer than this record indicates.”

Jones did says that they’ll likely make some adjustments to their roster in  draft and free agency, and the possibility exists that they could make smaller changes to their staff. But it sounds like there won’t be any major moves for Dallas in the coming months.

“We’re in relatively good shape under the salary cap, and we ought to look at that and change things,” Jones explained. “Now don’t say that that’s the highlight of the day — ‘Things are changing’ — because they were going to change anyway. There’s at least 20 percent of this roster that changes every year and maybe higher, and so there were going to be those kinds of changes. There’s changes on coaching staffs that happen.”

There has been speculation that the Cowboys could consider parting ways with HC Jason Garrett following a disappointing 2015 season. However, this would be a costly move, even for the Cowboys, considering that they just signed Garrett to an extension.

Of course, Dallas could afford to move on if they felt this was the best, and there’s a chance that Saints HC Sean Payton will be willing to listen to new opportunities, but it sounds like the Cowboys would prefer to stay the course for at least one more season.

We’ll have more regarding potential changes for the Cowboys as the news is available.


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