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Eagles Looking To Hire New Head Of Personnel In Near Future

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports confirms a report from Chris Mortensen that the Eagles will be looking to hire a head of personnel at some point.

According to Garafolo, while the Eagles have used the “interim” tag on Tom Donahoe, it’s basically what he is right now.

Donahoe reportedly has no desire to serve as the GM at this stage of life, which will leave them in the market for a new director.

Mortensen reported that Howie Roseman will remain as the vice president of football operations, but is not expected to be the team’s general manager again.

For what it’s worth, Garafolo seems to think Roseman will have a say in personnel matters, but not the final say.

Ian Rapoport adds that Eagles may not hire a GM and instead have the personnel exec work with Roseman.

It appeared as though Roseman could return to his previous position, but it sounds like the Eagles would prefer to go with a fresh start and focus on implementing a collaborative approach between their front office and coaching staff.

We’ll have more regarding who the Eagles could hire as the news is available.

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