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Nick Saban Has No Plans To Leave Alabama, Despite NFL Interest

Jason Cole of B/R, citing a source close to Alabama HC Nick Saban, reports that he has no plans to leave the University of Alabama, despite interest from numerous NFL teams.

According to Cole, is that Saban has gotten to a point in his life where he’s comfortable with his situation. Cole even mentions that he may be willing to finish out his coaching career in Alabama, rather than persue another opportunity.

Even so, Cole mentions that this won’t stop several teams from having interest in Saban. Cole adds that Saban is taking no chances with the team’s upcoming College Championship game against Clemson, which means he won’t be taking any phone calls until after the game has been played.

Because of this, Cole expects the Colts and Giants to move on and target other options.

Saban continues to be a popular name every year, but it appears as though nothing has changed in regards to him returning to the NFL.

If the opportunity to coach Andrew Luck for his prime isn’t appealing enough for Saban to return to the NFL, then I’m not sure there’s anything that could persuade him to.

We’ll have more regarding the Colts and Saban as the news is available.

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