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NFL Owners Reportedly Not Impressed With Chip Kelly

Jason Cole of B/R spoke with two NFL owners who said that they simply “aren’t that impressed” with former Eagles HC Chip Kelly.

The owners said that their concerns are related to Kelly’s understanding of the X’s and O’s of the game, but more the executive function of the job that he lacks. The owners pointed to the statement released by Kelly in which he said how much he loves his players as an example of how he may not understand the situation.

Cole mentions that this came off as Kelly essentially “begging” for a job, and not having an understanding of relate or motivate players at the professional level.

With this in mind, the owners indicated that Kelly may utlimately be better off at the college level. Cole adds that Kelly could be in “dire straits” when it comes to getting another job in the NFL.

Many pegged Kelly as an obvious candidate for the Titans’ head-coaching job, given that he has worked with Marcus Mariota in the past. However, there has been very little buzz in the past 24 hours about Kelly and the Titans.

Reports from earlier in the day mentioned that Kelly has reached out to the 49ers and the Browns are said to have some interest in him as well.

We’ll have more regarding Kelly’s future in the NFL as the news is available.

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