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Sam Bradford “Isn’t Crazy” About Philly, Likely To Test Free Agent Market

Peter King of MMQB writes that Eagles impending free agent QB Sam Bradfordwon’t be motivated to return to Philadelphia” over any other team.

King mentions that Bradford’s agent, Tom Condon, is a get-the-most-you-can-regardless-of-team kinda guy, which implies that Bradford is likely to test the open market before getting into serious discussions with the Eagles.

Beyond that, Bradford “isn’t crazy about Philadelphia the city anyway,” according to King. Instead, King seems to think Bradford would prefer to be closer to Oklahoma City.

Bradford, 28, is in the final year of his six-year, $78 million contract that included $50 million guaranteed. He made a base salary of $12.985 million for the 2015 season and will be an unrestricted free agent in the coming months.

The free agent market for quarterbacks isn’t very deep with Bradford, Kirk Cousins, and Ryan Fitzpatrick being the most notable players.

This season, Bradford has thrown for 3,725 yards while completing 66 percent of his passes to go along with 19 touchdown passes and 14 interceptions. Pro Football Focus has him rated as the No. 12 quarterback out of 37 qualifying players.

We have Bradford featured in our Top 2016 Free Agents list.

  • Jake mattingley

    Don’t know why so many people thinks Bradford sucks. He looked better the last few games. In my opinion we should definitely resign him, but should not over pay for him! Looking forward to next season, hope he’ll be back

  • pc

    I do not see where any one asked Bradford anything. This class young man does not lie..he does not make things up. The author of this article is ASSuming and using his own idiotic commenrts. I think after NOT playing a down in over 18 months, getting traded in the middle of rehab, going to a new team, new scheme, new coach, new culture where the welcome was FRIGID AND UNWELCOMING with minimal prep time/experience and playing 14 or so games he is remarkable! Keep in mind from all the experts those QB’s playing stellar ball have been in that system for years…not cold and not just partial season experience. You “fans”, media ho’s and naysayers should put your butt out there doing that and see what raves and remarks you get. I would wager you would not even get up off the ground after one hit!! Patience people..
    this will turn out just fine!

  • jebus

    Don’t believe everything you read people. Apparently his agent said this which is also highly doubtful.

  • Vin

    He’s barely an above average pocket passing qb with no mobility and ticking time bomb for a career ending injury …I’d rather draft a qb like Paxton lynch or someone 3rd or 4th round and sign a free have them battle it out and go from there!!

  • Shaun B.

    If the Eagles hire a HC that runs a traditional NFL offense, then we definitely want Bradford back. He proved his worth last half of season especially Sunday vs the VaGiants. Any fan with real football knowledge will agree, Bradford has ability to be great with right coach and team. Which the Eagles are that team depending on the HC hire!?!

  • CtK

    Can’t blame him for wanting to leave Philly…quite frankly it’s the worst and most disgusting city in America!

    • Shaun B.

      Your the most pathetic and disgusting individual in America…..scum!!!

    • Shaun B.

      For all the people quick to comment about the city of Philadelphia like its a hole in the Earth. Name 1 city in America with a pop. of Million or more that does not have high crime rates, drugs and high poverty rates? Exactly your a biased idiot and you ignorant fools.

      Philadelphia is a wonderful city full of history and culture. Just remember your freedom you so love today came from this city.

      • Tony D

        Agreed, people are quick to talk bad about Philly without representing where they are from. These ignorance ass people continue to look listen to the dumb ass commentators with regards to Philly Fans. If Philly is as horrible a city as these blow hards says then why is it that free agents want to come a play for this team. Think before you speak fools!

  • Sam Must Stay

    Is there a more worthless reporter than Peter King?

  • rushwarrior

    Bradford sucked bad and ALWAYS has. How many college QB’s does the NFL have to spit out as poor players BEFORE NFL team execs realize college game MEANS ZERO for future NFL success especially for QB’s. See how well the Housman darling Johnny football did so far in his career. Manziel, Tebow, Couch, Harrington, are ALL college QB’s that just about every so called “expert” stated would be great NFL QB’s. ALL of these players failed miserably at NFL level.

    Antonio Brown and Tom Brady were BOTH 6th round draft picks who had ZERO hype coming out of college. Anybody want to trade ANY first round pick from last decade for either of those 6th round gems? I didn’t think so.

  • Rusty shackleford

    Good riddens you bum! Hope your acl made out of Kleenex tears for the hundredth time. What an ungrateful clown

    • Butch

      Guess what Sam, we’re not “crazy” about you. Hope you do leave.

  • Peter Alessandrini

    I just don’t know where they come up with this crap, he doesn’t like philly. Do they make this shit up. Does he anyone who he can quote saying that Bradford even said this. I hate these writers who need something to say. I don’t believe it. Besides he not going anywhere if it is true he wants to go somewhere else the Eagles can put the franchise tag on him and we have home for another year. BTW he doesn’t stink he is the best option for the Eagles right now. Who are you going to use, LOL NOT Sanchase. No way.

  • Joel D. Borolla

    Listen, I really beleive if Bradford is put into the right system with New Head Coach, he can be as good as Carson Palmer!! Remember, Palmer 3 years ago?? Most people would have said he was a bust back in Oakland!! We haven’t seen the best Bradford can be yet. I hope we Hire Mc Dermont as H.C. and retain Shurmurr as O.C. so we can either sign Bradford to long term deal or at least Franchise him for next year. I also think there is a Q.B. in the 3rd Round, who will take a couple years before he is ready to play at the NFL level, his name is Presscott from Mississippi State, 6’2″ 230 pounds.

  • Mark

    I was pissed we got him anyway…so good riddens…

  • thomas ruff

    The eagles are all screwed up. I would not stay in philly. This organization is clueless. It will be another 25 years before there next super bowl appearence

    • LurieIs RosemansBitch

      We won’t hit NFC championship until ownership changes or Tweedledumber dumps Tweedledumb.

  • Larry Hustle

    Can you really blame him for being honest? I wouldn’t call Philly a great place to live in general.

  • bizzmoneyb

    hmm. so did he just straight up lie last week when he said that he DEFINITELY wanted to stay in Philly? or did Philly tell him they had no interest in bringing him back (maybe a reason Lurie pulled the trigger on Chip because he was so eager to re-sign Bradford) and now he is trying to save face.

    good riddance. he is an average QB at best with zero mobility… and thats where this game is headed- mobile and athletic quarterbacks. he will want and probably get a contract that far exceeds his worth.

    and with his concrete feet he was probably the worst QB in the league to run Chips system. funny how Chip the “genius” didnt realize that??! those play-fakes were never believed and clogged the offense.. and killed any zone read plays.

    i guess its back to the drawing board on a QB. hopefully we can get lucky and hit on a stud in this draft. might be a tough year of growing pains next year.

    • LurieIs

      Great. Another moronic perspective of a dumbass club’s fan. No one is good enough to play in Philadelphia because our fans know better than football experts and coaches. Forget super bowls, how many NFC championships do we have?

  • Terrell Watkins

    Goodbye….. If You Don’t Want To Be Here We Don’t Want You Here

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