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Report: Consensus Building For Chargers To Join Rams In Ingelwood

According to Sam Farmer and Nathan Fenno of the L.A. Times,  a consensus is building within the league for the Rams and Chargers to share a stadium in Inglewood.

One owner referred to the idea of the Chargers joining the Rams in Ingelwood as a “transformational” project.

However, the Chargers have maintained that they’re committed to the Carson stadium project along with the Raiders, and owner Dean Spanos reportedly doesn’t want to be seen as turning his back on a partner.

Even so, an owner mentioned that the “the deals aren’t even close” with Inglewood being the preferred option from their perspective. Interestingly enough, there’s reportedly a belief among owners and executives that Spanos would be willing to make a deal with the Rams to share a stadium if it ends up being a 50-50 partnership that balances both teams economic situations.

As for the Raiders, the idea of them returning to L.A. isn’t popular among owners and could lead to them striking a deal with the Raiders to keep them out of Los Angeles. According to the report, this could lead to the Raiders either returning to Oakland, exploring other relocation ideas such as San Diego or St. Louis, or possibly joining the 49ers in their new stadium.

We’ll have more updates regarding the Chargers, Rams, and Raiders’ situations as the news is available.

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