NFL Notes: Bills, Packers, & Raiders


Bills HC Rex Ryan explained during an interview with the Buffalo News that he’s open to doing whatever they can to improve their roster, even drafting a quarterback.

“Like anybody, we’re trying to add to our football team,” Ryan said. “If somebody can help us make us better, you don’t shut yourself off to any position. That’s something that you’ve got to be open for. It is a quarterback-driven league.”

Even so, Ryan added that he’s isn’t done with former first-round pick EJ Manuel.

“We’ll see,” Ryan said. “I’m not done with EJ Manuel, either (as a backup to Tyrod Taylor). I think EJ’s got the talent, the size and all that stuff. Sometimes, guys just take a little bit longer to develop, so we’ll see how that goes.”

Ryan doesn’t see bringing in a new quarterback affecting Tyrod Taylor next year.

No, no way, that’s not going to distract him,” Ryan said. “He’s worried about, he’s focused on winning and improving every day. And I think that’s who Tyrod is.


  • Hall of Fame officials have requested that the Packers be one of the two teams in 2016 Hall of Fame game in August, according to Bob McGinn.
  • McGinn adds that there should be an announcement within the next week or two.
  • With Brett Favre being inducted into the Hall this year, it makes sense that the Packers would be featured in the game.


Raiders owner Mark Davis was about the viability of Las Vegas being a long-term home for his franchise.

It’s absolutely an NFL city” Davis said, via the Associated Press. “It’s an international city, it’s a global city. The Raiders are a global brand, so it’s got potential.”

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that they’re committed to helping the Raiders and Chargers work out stadium deals in their current cities, and Davis added that he plans to do whatever he can to keep them there.

“That’s great news,” Davis said. “I believe he’s going to do whatever he can. I’d love to. We’re the Oakland Raiders right now, that’s where it’s at.”


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