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Dolphins Will “Definitely” Waive DE Quinton Coples Before New League Year

Armando Salguero reports that the Dolphins will “definitely” waive DE Quinton Coples before the start of the 2016 league year in March.

Coples, 25, is a former first-round pick of the Jets back in 2012. However, he lasted just three years in New York before he was waived and later claimed by the Dolphins back in November.

The Jets elected to pick up Coples’ fifth-year option back in April, but this figure is guaranteed for injury only, so the Dolphins will pick up $7.751 million in available cap space by cutting him.

In 2015, Coples has appeared in 16 games and recorded eight tackles, no sacks, and a fumble recovery for the Jets and Dolphins.

  • John Mccallum

    Now, you want to cut him just when you get the right DC that would help bring his game out for us! Even Rex Ryan played him wrong! Couples is not one of those put your hands in the dirt DE. He’s more effective from an outside LBers stance. But, I would rather keep him than Dion Jordan’s off-field issue’s! Wake is not a young m no more & is coming off a major injury. Vernon, is set for free agency, Dion Jordan’s still has to get reinstated to even play again. So lets juts cut him & be even more short handed? This move I think will come back to haunt the Dolphins I believe. I think Couples was going to have a good come back season in Miami, with a new coaching staff, & scheme that will bowed well with his skill set! I also heard that he was very excited about the new coaching change & a fresh start! So he’ll go get it some were else now & come back here & lay the boom on Tannehill instead!! Ross, & his Bill Parcells rejects!!! No wonder we always keep losing!!(Razor58)

    • Dannyboy666

      Not one Fing Tackle…

    • dante

      I think they will cut him but ultimately re-sign him for a realistic salary that’s in better congruency with his low production thus far in his career. A “prove yourself” incentive-based contract for a year with the idea of “you wanna deal like that from us? Play this season like you’re worth it and we will reward you” – and Coples may be willing to give the Fins first crack since they picked him up last year AND since he’ll get to play both NYJ & Rex in BUF. Though MIA also has Damontre Moore on the roster and they just may choose to go with him rather than Coples. I would try to keep both but definitely not Coples at a bit less than 8 MIL next year.

      • John Mccallum

        Agree on the MONEY bro! Also, forgot that we had picked up Moore too! I like release & catch idea. I think Moore would really like to stick around too! Some times a fresh start is all it takes to turn things around! We sure could really use that in some of the guys too!! What do you think of the idea of maybe giving Michael Sam a try out? He was hell-on-wheels in college, & if he didn’t ‘come out’ & say he ways openly gay he would’ve been drafted way before the Rams tool him the 7th round!!! I would like to ask the A-holes this one simple question. What’s his sex life have to do with playing football? I think he would be a really good pick-up, It would give the team good depth at DE. We’ll just have to wait & see how the team manages the cap space problem first I guess. Then every thing else after that? (Razor58)

  • Rocky Roque

    A 12th overall mistake by the man currently leading the Dolphins, Ross is a genius!

    • dante

      Huh?? Fins did not draft Coples, if that is who you’re referring to….

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