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NFL Paid Commissioner Roger Goodell $34.1M In 2014, He’s Made Around $180M In Total

Darren Revell of ESPN reports that the NFL paid commissioner Roger Goodell $34.1 million in 2014 was $34.1 million, according to a tax filing the league filed today.

This breaks down to a $3.5 million base salary for Goodell along with a bonus of $26.5 million, which was determined in 2013. Goodell also received $3.7 million in pension and other deferred benefits as well as $273,000 in “other reportable compensation.”

  • According to Rovell, Goodell has earned a staggering $180.5 million during his nine years commissioner of the league.
  • Daniel Kaplan mentions that much of Goodell’s pay was set in 2013 before domestic violence scandals involving Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson took place.
  • Kaplan points out that with NFL changing their taxable status, they will no longer have to disclose information such as this in the coming years.

In 2013, the NFL paid Goodell over $35 million, so this salary is in line with what he had been making.

Goodell has come under criticism for the league’s handling of the aforementioned domestic violence cases and, most recently, the Patriots’ Deflategate scandal.

However, if Goodell managed to survive these issues, it seems likely that he’ll remain in place as league commissioner for the foreseeable future, barring an even worse debacle from the league.

Of course, it will be important for league to continue to grow the pie and maintain their impressive television ratings in order for him to keep making this kind of money.


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