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NFL Notes: Connor Cook, Dolphins, & Titans

Connor Cook

Michigan State QB Connor Cook said that his shoulder injury has been “gradually getting better and better each week.

It’s been gradually getting better and better each week,” Cook said, via FOX Sports. “I took it easy the first week or so (in California) just because that was my first throwing without the brace. I didn’t want to jump out going gangbusters and have any setbacks. I wanted to get a feel for throwing again without the brace because obviously that’s allowing my shoulder to have full range of motion.

Cook also offered an explanation for why some have questioned his leadership.

“I guess people see the amount of wins that we’ve had as a program and they look at a three-year starter and see he didn’t get named captain his senior year, so they automatically jumped to ‘Well, he had to do something,” Cook said. “Maybe he got arrested or in trouble.’ Well, if that was really the case, people would know. If I violated team rules, people would know. Coach D (Mark Dantonio) tells it how it is. In the past when guys have gotten in trouble, Coach D has said why.

“Or some people think ‘Oh, Connor must not get along with his teammates,’ but that couldn’t be further from the truth. People can talk to the coaches, my teammates, my past teammates. Every one of them would say I was a team leader. I commanded respect every time I stepped inside that huddle. They respected me in the locker room. Talk to any of my teammates.


James Walker of ESPN takes a look at whether recently released DE Chris Long and LB James Laurinaitis could make senses for the Dolphins.

Of the two, Walker thinks Laurinaitis makes the most sense, consider his age and position.

Long, the other hand, could be a riskier option for the Dolphins, as they have a limited amount of cap space, especially if they’re able to retain Olivier Vernon.

  • Dolphins free agent RB Lamar Miller mentioned in a recent interview Joe Rose said that he would  “love to stay” in Miami, but he understands it’s a business, via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.
  • Miller also said he wants to be a featured back and get the “recognition I deserve.”


Titans new GM Jon Robinson indicated that he plans to build the team by focusing on their offensive and defensive lines.

If you watch the Super Bowl, the team that actually got to the quarterback, they won the Super Bowl. The team that protected their quarterback, they won the Super Bowl,” Robinson said, via TitansOnline.com. “So it is about the lines, and protecting the quarterback and keeping him upright so he can get the ball to the guys who run and catch.”

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