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2016 Salary Cap Expected To Increase By Close To $12M


NFLPA executive director George Attalah points out that the actual salary cap figure won’t be calculated until a few days before the league year.

Attalah mentions that there are no negotiations involved in arriving to the cap total, as it’s a direct function of the NFL’s revenue increase.


Rand Getlin of NFL Media reports that the NFL’s salary cap is expected to increase to “at least” $155 million for the 2016.

This is nearly $12 million more than last year’s salary cap of $143.28 million.

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith mentioned a few weeks ago that the union “conservatively” expected the the salary cap to increase by another $10 million in 2016per Tom Pelissero.

Smith added that there are two teams — the Raiders at $41 million and Jaguars at $28 million — currently below the 89 percent minimum four-year cash spend threshold, per Pelissero.

The salary cap has been on the rise for the past few seasons after remaining flat for the first few years of the current collective bargaining agreement. In the past two years alone, the cap has increased by $10 million annually.

NFL teams are required to spend 89 percent of the their cap and cash spending has to 95 percent of the salary cap limit, or the difference will go to the union who distributes the money between the players.

We’ll have more regarding the 2016 salary cap as the news is available.

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