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49ers Could Be A “Dark Horse” For QB Michael Vick?


According to Peter King of MMQB.com, the San Francisco 49ers could be a “dark horse” team to watch in regards to free agent QB Michael Vick.

Assuming that Vick finds “lukewarm interest” at the start of free agency, King believes he could consider the idea of joining the 49ers as Colin Kaepernick‘s backup in order to make a run at winning a Super Bowl.

  • King mentions that he knows Vick was “very interested” in signing with the Vikings, which no longer looks like an option.
  • King adds that the Jets make the “most sense” for Vick and Raiders could be an option too.

Vick, 33, is considered to be the best available quarterback in this year’s free agent market and has said that he is looking for another opportunity to start. We’ll have to see if anyone is willing to offer him that opportunity now that the Jaguars and Vikings are essentially out of the picture. 

Other speculative options for Vick include the Bills, Buccaneers, and Texans.

We have Vick listed as the No. 31 player in our Top 50 Free Agents list.

  • Al

    I’ve been a fan for almost 30 years. Call me a bandwagonner if you wish, but if we sign that scumbag, I’m done. If you welcome him, you’re obviously so desperate to win a Super Bowl that you’ll consider almost anything. Good luck with your ‘out-of-whack-priorities’ lives!

  • Devan Van Brunt

    I don’t think this makes much sense at all. He’s going to want more money then the 49ers should be willing to pay a #2 QB and likely more than he deserves. The whole idea of bring in a veteran as a backup is to coach up a younger starter and to be a solid fill in if the starter goes down. The reason that doesn’t work for Vick is because the only thing Vick could ever do better than Kaepernick can is run in a straight line and I don’t know that Vick would win that race at 33 so overall there’s not much coaching he could do. He’s also not durable and the last thing I want out of my teams’ #2 QB is a major injury risk. I say use a 3rd/4th rounder on a #2 QB who’d cost a fraction of what Vick would, likely be less of an injury risk, and be 10+ years younger and help to build for the future not just be a temporary fix.

  • Les Vegas

    if you’re done with San Francisco if they sign vick good riddance! dont need fans like u anyway the man has paid his debt to society get over it

  • Angel Perea

    KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULY HONEST: Vicks land spot should have been with Viking! But their Stupid signing of Cassell means another season of losing door matt for the Packers!

  • Linda Loza


  • HavocNHell


  • Pablo Avocado

    Seriously? I’m all for rehabilitation but this guy should never be afforded another minute in the NFL. Animal torturer and killer. What a loser. Infinity. If the 49ers sign him, my lifelong relationship with them is over. Just thinking about it makes me want to puke, shower and then donate money to the ASPCA.

  • Telecat

    If the 49ers sign Vick, I am done with them.

    • Knoxeema

      bandwagon a$$

      • Telecat

        I’ve been a 49er fan since before your DADDY was born, junior, if they sign that sociopathic a-hole, I will no longer be an NFL fan. Michael Vick is a murderer of humans just waiting to happen. He has NOT changed. He’s sociopathic filth.

  • ssclesq

    We have the new mike Vick in Kap. If we are to win a sb no one I their right minds want to go through Seattle. That means turning kap loose during the regular season not just the playoffs. Mike Vick and kap are so similar the staff would worry way less about putting in the backup qb with Vick than any other backup. ( this assumes they are drafting a rookie to be groomed in case kap gets too expensive, doesn’t get better or is injured) this really is a no brainier . Kap cannot like last year plateau or regress, he can get to a Brett farve level under Harbaugh ( tomsula? Yorks really are either truly ignorant or want to go back to the asinine Nolan sing days) but needs to learn how to throw to open wrs or backs, get some accuracy and learn to make 3rd down conversions. Wilson can’t run 60 yard tds but he’s Montana like moving down the field. Kap needs to start doing this in the off season, and all 16 games or we became the new buffalo bills.

  • Tristian

    Would like him alot because he is similar to Kap but he can actually pass. Maybe he can teach Kap how to be in the film room 24/7 instead of making commercials

    • Telecat

      49ers don’t need protests outside Levis stadium, and if they sign Vick, you can count on protests in Santa Clara. It’d make SportsCenter. The league would like Vick to go away, I guarantee you that.

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