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49ers Could Look To Trade Alex Smith During The Offseason

Matt Maiocco of the CSN Bay Area makes the case for the 49ers to trade QB Alex Smith during the offseason.

Smith would lock in a $7.5 million next season if he’s still on their roster as of April 1st, which happens to be a pretty high salary for a backup quarterback. Maiocco adds that San Francisco would still have to pay him $1 million if they were to release Smith before the April deadline.

The 49ers have been really high on Colin Kaepernick and structured Alex Smith’s current deal to give them some options if they felt that Kaepernick was ready to take over. There’s no question that San Francisco will find some interest in Smith in the trade market, considering that next year’s draft class appears to be limited in terms of draft prospects.



  • I hope the Bucs pick him up. Freeman is too inconsistent and has proven in the past couple of years that he won’t take the Bucs anywhere, except the toilet bowl!

  • SJ Bobkins

    I can see the guy in AZ, PHL, JAC, it wouldn’t be a shocker to see him grabbed by the Jets or Chargers. Wouldn’t the 49’ers rather see him in the AFC? If San Diego FINALLY cleaned house dropping the reviled GM Smith, the new guy may also want to drop the shaky Rivers who seems to be playing with zero confidence and a habit of falling apart in the 4th after leading the game. Who can forget the el foldo of all time, that Monday night match with Manning and the Broncos? If PHL dropped Vick maybe they’ll make a go for Smith, AZ has a problem with a lot of money being wasted on its QBs already, the Bidwells aren’t all that innovative when it comes to reworking deals. If the Ravens get into a contract logjam with Flacco, Smith would be an upgrade

  • Alex Smith is a better QB than a ton of other NFL starters.
    There are many teams who could do a LOT worse than grabbing him in the off-season.
    I like the thought of him going to be a permanent starter in Arizona.

  • callie1776

    If that’s the truth than we need a QB. Wish Alex Smith the best and always will if that is his choice. Still don’t understand what happened but he is a good man with a great career in front of him and it is our loss.

  • jay mcclure

    smith to the vikings makes a whole lot of sense

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