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A Limited Market For Greg Jennings This Offseason?

According to an NFL scout that spoke with Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Packers WR Greg Jennings may have a “much smaller” market for his services than Vincent Jackson had last year.

“I put Vincent Jackson last year up in the elite spectrum, a Pro Bowl-caliber player,” the scout said. “He’s also 6-5 and still can do a lot more things. Greg can’t compete with Vincent right now.

Jennings seems to understand that the odds of him returning to Green Bay next season aren’t all that great.

What would be the most difficult part?” said Jennings when asked what the hardest part of leaving Green Bay would be. “I don’t know if there’s a difficult part. Like I said, I’m excited for the future. Football is going to be football. I’m excited for that.”

He may not offer as much in terms of size and the ability to go up and get the ball like Jackson, but Jennings is one of the best route runners in the game and can still be force in the passing game. He’s dealt with injuries in recent years, so that should be factored into a team’s decision as to whether or not they’re going to make him a serious offer.

The Vikings and Dolphins have been mentioned as speculative options for Jennings, but Miami seems to be focused on ensuring that the players they sign have a limited impact in terms of their salary cap.

We have Jennings listed as the No. 5 best available player in our Top 50 Free Agents list.


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Vikes fan here, i would love the idea of Jennings in purple and it is a possibility. Hard to imagine him wanting to go from Aaron Rodgers to Christian Ponder though isn’t it? Plus, i think that signing would pretty much drive a steak in the coffin that is Percy Harvin’s contract extension.

Bradley L

How about Detroit? he is from Kalamazoo and seems like a good compliment alongside Calvin Johnson. He could receive an incentive based contract much like Nate Burleson got (5 year 27M with 11M guaranteed).

NFL Trade Rumors

I didn’t know he was from Kalamazoo, but I was aware that he went to Central Michigan. The Lions have a pretty tough cap situation and some important players to address, so it’s not all that practical that they would be able to sign Jennings, but there’s no question he would be an awesome No. 2 option next to Calvin and Broyles.

Bradley L

Western Michigan. Burleson has said he will come back at a reduced rate, andthe contracts of Corey Williams and Cliff Avril (almost 16M) will come off the books along with the presumable cuts of Raiola and Peterman (6.1M and 3.3M). Jennings also said in two articles on nfl network he wants to play close to home and in an indoor stadium. Throwing that out there.

NFL Trade Rumors
Correct. Western Michigan, not Central Michigan. The Lions are projected to have $1.1 million in cap space as things stand right now, so the fact that there’s money coming off of the books doesn’t take into account raises and increased cap numbers of next season. The Lions could get this situated and still have money to spend, but the question is really whether or not it’s the best use of their cap space. Is Detroit a single WR away from competing for Super Bowl? I don’t know that they are. Jennings is very good on turf and I really think… Read more »
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