A “Real Concern” That Pittsburgh Could Lose WR Mike Wallace


NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports that there’s “real concern” from the Pittsburgh Steelers that they could end up losing WR Mike Wallace.

Wallace is a restricted free agent but the Steelers current cap crisis has left them very vulnerable to losing of their best weapons in Mike Wallace. So far, they’ve restructured a number of player contracts but still are sitting around $10 million over the cap. Because of this, they can’t apply the franchise tag to Wallace so the best they can do is put a first-round tender on him and hope that a team isn’t willing to give up a first-round pick for him.

La Canfora specifically mentioned that the Ravens and Patriots could be two teams to consider.

I’d throw in the 49ers who have already said that getting two receivers is at the top of their list. You can expect to see a lot of moves coming from the Steelers as they try to prevent losing one of their best players.

pixy A "Real Concern" That Pittsburgh Could Lose WR Mike Wallace

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Mikey Roederer
Mikey Roederer

Mike Wallace is a stud, but I don’t think he is worth a top 25 pick…So slapping the 1st Rd tender on him is by far their best option right now..How they sign him after that tho is beyond my outside the box thinking..What happens if they can’t afford him? Does he become just another FA? I don’t remember a situation like this ever happening with so many teams being this close to the cap, and the others being so far away from it..Baltimore is intriguing lining him up with Boldin, with Rice in the backfield definitely opens things up,… Read more »

Sergei Sanders

Think you meant Throw….not through, kinda confused me at first when i read that 🙂 no biggie though, honest mistake and damn i know we have way bigger positions to address, but oh how nice would it be for my cowboys to swoop him up!!!

NFL Trade Rumors
NFL Trade Rumors

Noted. Thanks for letting me know.