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“A Virtual Certainty” That Tim Tebow Will Play With Jaguars In 2013

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that it’s “a virtual certainty” that Tim Tebow will play with the Jacksonville Jaguars next year.

According to Mortensen, Jaguars owner Shad Khan still has interest in the former Florida Gator since neither Chad Henne or Blaine Gabbert have managed to live up to expectations. Jacksonville would reportedly hold an “open competition” for the starting quarterback position between Tebow, Gabbert, and Henne.

The New York Jets have already made it quite clear that Tebow will be released or traded at some point in the near future, so it will be interesting to see if Jacksonville waits until he’s released before signing him, rather than parting with compensation in return for him.

There’s no question that adding Tebow to their roster would generate plenty of interest in franchise that has been largely forgotten in terms of the national media.

  • Samir

    good, he shoulda been there all along

  • Tebow may be on the Jags roster next year, but he won’t be playing much. It’s strictly a move to sell jerseys and tickets. He just doesn’t have the talent to lead a team. And his over the top religiosity is offensive to many people. He is a polarizing figure even among team mates. Not a good thing for a potential leader.

  • David Oliver

    Jacksonville is where Tebow should have been all along. The Jets suck and so does John Elway.

  • Nate Bouda

    Very sorry for the poorly worded sentence. Thank you for pointing out the mistake and we’ll be sure to do a better job of double-checking our content.

  • [email protected]

    Is this guy going to have a target on his back. He just can’t keep his big mouth shut.

  • DISQUS is worthless, it was so bad that Foxnation dropped them because they could address and fix issue associated with the comment section, they also lost alot of information posted by users.

  • noapologiesnessesary

    bonehead will continue playing pocket pool inside his closet. stand watch over your alter boys.

    the jagoffs are wanting to emulate the jets and the raiders.

    the over-hype continues.

    just ask the jets, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

  • 206pilot

    Couldn’t be happier Tebow is leaving the Jets. They blew it and do not deserve him.

    • Al Wells

      No one deserves Tebow. I would not wish his abilities at QB on my worst enemy. But good luck to the Jags…

  • Jags will be getting a QB with stellar heart, desire, work ethic and playoff winning experience who averages: 14 yrds per pass completion, 5 yards per rushing attempt and “6 yards each time he attempts a pass or rush” during his brief NFL career. Ryan , Cromartie and some of the other Jets could never get over Tebow and the Broncs kicking their butts last season!!

  • guardcap7

    Tebow will be a fine QB, if he doesn’t end up on another crap team like the Jets. They wanted a savior and offered no help. There is no QB in the NFL, that can make the Jets a winner. A QB is only as good as his front 6 – and as good as the receivers who know how to read. I have never seen so many BAD PLAYERS and terrible play calling on one team. You wonder if someone got a little white envelope under the door.

  • Forrest Gump

    Good for Tim and good for the Jax team…..NY is a place for the Devil.

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