Aaron Rodgers Had 2 Plates & 13 Screws Inserted Into Shoulder, Packers Don’t Expect Him To Return

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Packers QB Aaron Rodgers suffered a displaced collarbone fracture that required two plates and 13 screws inserted to help solidify the fracture and accelerate the healing process.

According to Rapoport, it’s possible Rodgers could possibly return toward the end of the season if Green Bay is still in the mix for a playoff spot. However, the Packers do not expect Rodgers to play again during the 2017 season.

Rodgers discussed his broken collarbone and his prospects of returning this year with reporters on Friday.

It’s going to come down to the bone healing. That’s the most important thing,” Rodgers said, via Packers.com. “There won’t be a decision made until that bone is healed, so it’s not even a conversation if it’s not where it needs to be.”

Rodgers did, however, say that it’s best to “temper expectations” because there’s no telling how fast the bones in his shoulder will heal.

“I’m always positive,” Rodgers said. “It comes down to how fast the bone heals. If it heals and we’re in the right position, then there’s a conversation. If the bone isn’t healed, there’s absolutely no conversation to be had.

Even so, Rodgers made it clear that he heals up and there’s reason for him to return, he plans to be back.

I want to be healthy, that’s the most important thing,” Rodgers said. “But if we’re healthy in eight weeks and it would make sense to come back, then I’m going to come back.”

The expectation has been that Brett Hundley will be the Packers’ quarterback for the duration of the season, but there’s at least a chance Green Bay could consider bringing him back from injured reserve, depending on how things play out over the next few months.

Rodgers, 33, is a former first-round pick of the Packers back in 2005. He’s currently in the fifth year of his seven-year, $130.75 million contract that included $54 million guaranteed and stands to make base salaries of $12.55 million and $19.8 million over the next two years of the agreement.

In 2017, Rodgers has appeared in six games for the Packers and thrown for 1,385 yards while completing 66.3 percent of his passes to go along with 13 touchdowns and three interceptions. He has also rushed for 83 yards.

We’ll have more regarding Rodgers possibly returning as the news is available.


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