Adrian Peterson Has Considered The Idea Of Playing For The Cowboys & Texans

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson mentioned during a recent radio interview that he has considered the idea of returning to Texas and playing  for one of their NFL teams.

“I’ll be a liar if I sit here and say that it’s something that hasn’t crossed my mind before,” Peterson said during an interview with Scott Van Pelt and Ryan Russillo on ESPN Radio. “But I’ve also said to myself, ‘Wow, it’ll be so amazing to be one of those players who stays with one team his entire career.’

Peterson is from Palestine, Texas, but left the state to play football at the University of the Oklahoma.

Interestingly enough, Peterson specifically mentioned that he has at the very least considered the idea of possibly playing for the Cowboys or Texans at some point.

“Being from Texas I’ve always wondered if it’d be cool to play in Dallas or play back home in Houston,” Peterson said. “But that’s not something I’ve really been thinking about this year.”

Peterson, 28, is in the third year of his seven-year, $96 million contract that includes $36 million guaranteed. He has base salaries of $11.75 million, $12.75 million (2015), $14.75 million (2016) and $15.75 million (2017) coming his way.

Some have mentioned that the Vikings should consider trading Peterson at some point in the near future given that he still has a lot of value and they appear to be headed for more rebuilding in the coming years. Of course trading Peterson isn’t all that easy when you consider his remain salary and the cap constraints of the NFL teams.

Still, it’s an interesting idea to consider nonetheless.

pixy Adrian Peterson Has Considered The Idea Of Playing For The Cowboys & Texans

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