AFC Notes: Bengals, Dolphins, Titans



Bengals HC Marvin Lewis announced Wednesday that was able to return to the team last night.

“I was able to return to work last night after receiving great medical care. I especially want to thank all of the doctors, nurses and technicians who treated me. I am glad to be back with the team as we prepare to play the Buccaneers on Friday.

The Cincinnati Bengals announced Tuesday that HC Marvin Lewis left the team’s Tuesday practice with a “minor health issue” but he should be back with the team soon.

Coach Marvin Lewis will be taking time away to focus on a minor health issue,” the Bengals said in a statement. “He will be back as soon as possible, which could be today or later this week. Special teams coordinator Darrin Simmons will lead the team during Coach Lewis’s absence.

Stacey Dales reports that Lewis is dealing with a Baker’s Cyst in his ankle.


Dolphins HC Adam Gase told reporters on Tuesday that Jay Cutlerfelt good” during his first practice with the team.

“He said he felt good,” Gase said, via “He is not going to sugarcoat anything with me. It was good that he felt right back in it.”

Gase added that Cutler still has a good understanding of the offense.

“[He] remembers basically everything with the offense,” Gase said. “Basically for him, it’s just kind of getting that feel with the rush. It’s one thing to throw routes on air and one-on-ones, but to get in there and be able to take some reps with the line in there and to be able to see everything develop and our players’ body language and how they run routes, that’s the biggest difference for him.”

As for Cutler, he expects to be back at 100 percent in the coming days.

“I think a couple more days out here, I’ll be back and be 100 [percent],” Cutler said. “The offense is gonna come. I think it’s just sitting in the pocket, getting my feet underneath me, just the timing of the game, the rhythm. That kind of stuff is gonna take a little bit of time, but hopefully it comes back pretty quickly.

“… I told Adam thanks for bringing me in. It’s fun to be back out.”


The Tennessee Titans announced Tuesday that minority owners, Susie Adams Smith, has begun the process of selling her stake in the franchise.

Even with the change, controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk will maintain controlling interest in the team and has no plans to sell her stake in the team.

Here’s a statement provided by Amy Adams Strunk:

Recently Susie (Smith) began the process of selling her portion of KSA Industries, which includes a fractional indirect interest in the Tennessee Titans. We respect her right to make this decision and will cooperate fully with the process, which will not impact team operations in any way.

Regardless of the outcome of this process, I will continue to serve as the controlling owner of the Titans. The remaining two-thirds of the team controlled by myself, Kenneth Adams IV, Barclay Adams and Susan Lewis is not and has never been for sale.

Both personally and as a group, we have invested time, effort and capital to improve this franchise and we are excited to see the results on and off the field for years to come.”

  • For what it’s worth, Albert Breer mentions that there has long been speculation that the Manning family would look at buying into an NFL team and there are obvious ties to Tennessee.

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