AFC Notes: Bills, Chiefs, Colts



Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt announced that new GM Brett Veach has control of the team’s 53-man roster on Monday.

“Obviously the focus right now is on the 2017 season and he’s going to do what he can to make the Chiefs better,” Hunt said, via Adam Teicher of ESPN. “But I think he also understands the decisions that he makes today are going to have a big impact in 2018, 2019 and beyond.

“He has a good focus on the important positions that you need to focus on. Obviously, it starts with the quarterback and then goes to the line on both sides of the ball and the importance of being strong on the lines and building a team that way.”

Veach stressed the importance of having a three-year plan for the team and balancing the different avenues for player acquisition.

“In the NFL, it’s important to lay out proactively a three-year plan and to know what you want to do with certain players and how you want to build this thing,” Veach said. “You’ve got to marry all of those things. Free agency, the draft, it all has to kind of be a cohesive deal.”


While QB Andrew Luck just recently began throwing following offseason shoulder surgery, Colts GM Chris Ballard told reporters on Monday that he isn’t worried about the situation.

“I don’t worry about when he plays and where he plays,” Ballard said, via Mike Wells of ESPN. “My concern and our concern as an organization is — look, we’re all on the same page on this. Mr. [Jim] Irsay, Chuck [Pagano] and I have all had long discussions about what’s the next step. To me, the next step is getting him into practice. Then, once we get to practice, then the next step will be games.

Andrew is a vet, and he knows how to play,” Ballard said. “I think Andrew would tell you he would like to be out here practicing every day throwing to his wideouts, but that’s just not the situation we’re in right now. But I think when we do move forward with Andrew and decide it’s time to get ready to go, he will have gone through the process completely where he’ll be ready to go and perform at a good level.”

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