AFC Notes: Dolphins, Jaguars, Patriots



Dolphins HC Adam Gase mentioned that new WR Albert Wilson‘s speed is “hard to ignore” and could lead to expanded opportunities.

“His speed is hard to ignore,” Gase said, via the Palm Beach Post. “We saw first-hand how fast he is and what he can do, how he can stretch the field vertically. When you put the ball in his hands, he makes plays. I don’t think I’ve seen too many wide receivers where a team is actually handing the ball off to him and he’s running between the tackles.

Dolphins WRs coach Ben Johnson added that Wilson won’t be limited to being a lot receiver for them.

“It’s really triggered us to say he’s not limited in the slot, he’s not limited outside,” Johnson said. “He can line up in the backfield. He can do so many different things for us. His versatility is really, really showing up.


Jaguars QB Blake Bortles said that he’s “kind of owning the offense and having a better understanding of it” this year.

When we started last year, it was kind of an elementary level, in terms of ‘I’m hearing the play, I’m thinking about the footwork I have to take, the identification, trying to remember what routes guys are running and all that,’” Bortles told George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel. “Now, I think I’m kind of owning the offense and having a better understanding of it. Obviously, it is a continuous study and a continuous grind to continue to master it and stay on top of it, but I definitely feel more comfortable with it.

Even so, Bortles admitted that he still wouldn’t draft himself on his own fantasy team.

“Probably not,” Bortles said. “Maybe Leonard Fournette.


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