AFC Notes: Le’Veon Bell, Browns, Texans


Le’Veon Bell

Le’Veon Bell tells Jeremy Fowler of ESPN that his prior comments about possibly retiring weren’t a bluff.

“I just have to decide if I’m going to play when the time comes,” Bell said.

Regarding his contract demands, Bell explained things are “year-to-year with the Steelers” right now.

I’m the one to bet on myself. And I’ll do it again,” Bell said. “I understand how the Steelers do contracts. Last year, I was pounding the table on guaranteed money. That’s not the case. If I’m not getting guaranteed money, I want a lot more up front…It’s year-to-year with the Steelers. Essentially if I sign a four- or five-year deal, I’m playing four or five franchise tags. Earlier I said I felt we would get one done, and this year, we are a lot closer than last year. In good spirit, I feel we can get something done. But unless something drastic changes, it won’t be (this week).



  • Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle spoke to two NFL agents last week who said the Texans aren’t interested in signing any players who have knelt during the national anthem to protest police brutality.
  • Solomon clarifies that there is no directive within the organization to not sign these players, but “it is considered to be understood that as desperate as the Texans are to bring in talent, the pool of potential signees and draftees will not include anyone who has participated in protests or are likely to.”
  • According to Solomon, “there are many who believe if [Texans owner Bob] McNair could field a team with all-white, all-conforming all-pro talent, he would.”
  • The Texans have already responded to the article with the following statement: “A recent report that suggests the Houston Texans would not sign a player who has protested in support of social justice issues is categorically false and without merit. The Texans ownership, coaching, personnel and executive staff sign and hire employees based on talent, character and fit within our organization.”