Alex Smith Long-term Solution For The 49ers?


San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh has been by far the biggest supporter of Alex Smith throughout his career in the NFL and Tuesday’s endorsement suggests that he could be staying in San Fran for longer than many expected.

Harbuagh mentioned that he sees Smith as the long-term solution at the quarterback position for the 49ers, per Kevin Lynch.

Smith will be a free agent at the end of the season so Harbaugh seems to suggest that the 49ers plan is to re-sign him following the season. That seemed like a strong possibility given that the 49ers are 11-3 but it’s worth wondering how much of the teams success can be attributed to Smith. Alex currently ranks 17th in passing yards and yard-per-attempt but his surprisingly low interception total (5) is pretty amazing. He may not put up numbers like Brees, Brady and Rodgers but he’s been consistent enough to give his team a shot at winning games.

pixy Alex Smith Long-term Solution For The 49ers?

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