Andre Johnson Returns To The Practice Field

Edward Lee of the Baltimore Sun reports that Texans head coach Gary Kubiak has not yet ruled out WR Andre Johnson from this Sunday’s game against Baltimore.

I don’t know,” said Kubiak. “We’ll see where he’s at each and every week. As of right now, the soreness has went away, his rehab has picked up, so we’ll see where he’s at each day.”

Yesterday John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reported that Johnson wasn’t likely to return this week and even mentioned that he may not be ready to return in Week 7 either.

The fact that he feels good enough to practice suggests that his hamstring isn’t as bad as it certainly could have been. Johnson did undergo surgical procedure but that may have been to clean up some scar tissue rather than anything major. Houston can’t afford to take any chances with their best offensive weapon so I still wouldn’t expect to see him in the lineup this weekend.

pixy Andre Johnson Returns To The Practice Field

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