Andrew Luck Is Impressing At Minicamp

Indianapolis Colts new head coach Chuck Pagano mentioned that QB first overall pick Andrew Luck “is off the charts in terms of football IQ,” per Phillip B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star Tribune.

WR Austin Collie also chimed in on Luck saying that “as far as an attitude standpoint, which is probably the only thing I can make a judgment on, the kid Andrew’s got it,” Collie said. “He’s a hard worker. You can tell he’s on his stuff, just by being out there and the way he’s pointing out the hots (routes). That’s always reassuring.

It’s a good sign that Luck is off to a good start with his new team, but it’s doubtful that anyone in the Colts facility would say anything negative about the #1 overall pick, since he already had a lot on his plate replacing a future hall of famer. Luck has missed sometime in recent weeks to practice with the team’s veterans, so it’s probably just good to start the assimilation process.

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