Anthem Issue Delaying Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Extension

Adam Schefter, citing league sources, reports that the debate over NFL payer protests during the national anthem has delayed the completion of commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract extension.

Even so, Schefter says that Goodell’s deal is still expected to be completed and has been papered. Although, the process has been slowed due to the fact that the NFL has shifted the majority of their attention to handling the anthem issue, which has impacted TV ratings, merchandise sales and overall impression of the league.

“The anthem issue has overridden everything — and I do mean everything,” one source tells Schefter.

Had the anthem issue not existed, it’s possible that Goodell’s contract would have already been completed at last week’s owners meeting. Instead, the NFL’s compensation committee spent about only 20 minutes Wednesday discussing Goodell’s extension.

Goodell was expected to sign a new five-year extension that would keep him in place as the commissioner through the 2024 season and extend his run to 19 years. However, there doesn’t appear to have been much progress made on the topic.

One report said that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was trying to halt talks of an extension for Goodell after the league suspended RB Ezekiel Elliott six games.

Goodell has overseen the league during the most prosperous stretch in league history, which has led to record revenues for teams and a team-friendly CBA.Goodell, 58, took over for Paul Tagliabue in 2006. His original five-year contract was extended in 2009, and then again in 2012.

Goodell, 58, was hired as the NFL’s commissioner in 2006, replacing Paul Tagliabue. His contract was extended in 2009 and again in 2012.

During his first 10 years as commissioner, Goodell earned $212.5 million including nearly $32 million in the 2015 fiscal year.

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