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Arena Team Has Offer On The Table For Tim Tebow


Jets owner Woody Johnson mentioned that they are “looking at all possibilities” in regards to QB Tim Tebow.

“We’re looking at all possibilities with him,” said Johnson on Sunday, per Manish Mehta. “We’ll see what the offseason (brings).”

Tebow, 25, is set to make $2.6 million for the upcoming season. It’s somewhat strange to see a team with limited cap space keep a backup quarterback at that price. Tebow could clearly use a change of scenery and the Jets need to fill some roster holes, so it just makes sense that they would come to a decision regarding him sooner rather than later.

For whatever reason, the Jets appear to be taking their time.


The Orlando Predators of the Arena Football League reportedly have an offer on the table for current Jets’ QB Tim Tebow if he’s unable to find interest from an NFL team.

Predators’ owner Brett Bouchy pointed to the development of Kurt Warner as an example of why the Arena would be a good option for him at this point in his career.

Tim would certainly want to first exhaust his opportunities in the NFL, but we’d love to have him,” Bouchy told the Orlando Sentinel. “I think he would definitely improve as a quarterback in our league. Kurt Warner told me once that when he got back to the NFL after playing in the Arena League, the NFL game was like slow motion. Everything in the Arena League is just so much faster and quicker and predicated on accuracy. Whenever Tim is willing, we have a contract waiting for him to sign.

As of now, Tebow remains on the Jets roster, but many expect him to be cut loose at some point this offseason. New offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg recently mentioned that Tebow is expected to continue “taking reps at quarterback,” but that’s assuming he’ll even be on their roster by the time training camp rolls around.

New York is reportedly still trying to shop him for some amount of draft compensation, which seems unlikely given the Jets didn’t do him any favors last year with regards to the way he was utilized in their offense. It’s safe to assume that the Jets’ poor handling of the situation has had a negative impact on his perceived value as an NFL player.

Jacksonville, who was reportedly interested in acquiring Tebow last year, has already publicly stated that they will not pursue him as a trade option or even as a free agent.

It’s hard to say what the future holds for Tebow. A change of position could buy him some time in NFL, but he’s said that intends to remain at quarterback. Others have proposed the idea of him possibly signing with the CFL at some point, but there’s been little talk regarding that idea in the past few months.



  • A wildcat offense with both Joshua Cribbs and Tim Tebow in play could be formidable for Cleveland…

  • Jagger Daniels

    Tim Tebow career stats….47.9 completion percentage….2,422 yards…17TD’s, 9INT’s, and 7 fumbles….QBR of 75.3….And that is in 35 career games played….So before you Tebow lovers go crazy, those are horrific numbers…He can’t even complete 50% of his passes….Now who in the NFL is going to entrust their QB position to a QB who is that bad….Forget the religion and race, those stats are the reason no one is interested in Tebow…

  • rhonmhon

    Tim deserves at least one legit oppourtunity, lacking an Urban Meyer or Josh McD perhaps a guy like Coach Greg in Tampa could get the most out of Tim.

  • The problem is America, as much as i hate to say it because it hasnt always been this way, but these days in this time and age people frown upon showing your religion. if you remember when he was with Denver after every game he won or lost he said i couldnt have done it without my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and you can look at the reporters when he is talking about how he won they look uncomfortable when he says God helped him but its the fact that either they dont believe in God and they cant fathom it or they just dont believe in Christianity and they are Atheist but for some reason people in the media get defensive when you talk about your faith like its suppose to be secret and kept to yourself we might have freedom of religion in this country but its sad that you get a tag put on you by the media just for thanking Jesus Christ after a game…

    • Jagger Daniels

      You are delusional….So what about Kurt Warner? He was very religious and was a starting QB…The difference is that Warner could throw the ball….Even running QB’s have to be able to throw….

  • Braverheart

    I agree with all the strong statements about Tebow. I think he wouldd make a wonderful quarterback who has been given a bad rap both in Denver, the Jets and most of all the media. I felt sure another team which is need of a QB would have picked him up again either as a starter or backup. Most of the trades I have seen are for has beens. I guess we will have to wait until another team feels desperate.What a shame to see a QB who loves the game and no one wants him.

    • Jagger Daniels

      He has not received a bad rap…He can’t throw…Why is that so difficult to recognize…You people make up excuses…He is being conspired against…no one wants a Christian (like he is the only one in the NFL), it’s racial while ignoring the fact that he can’t throw….That is why he is not starting in the NFL….

      • Braverheart

        Was that a ghost I saw in Denver or was it Tebow I saw in their playoff which they won throw a pass over over the middle to win that game?

  • Jerrome Mckely

    this is his speed

  • Matt

    The people who don’t want Tm Tebow in the NFL are against him because he makes them. And they are bigots against his faith.

    Tebow can play, proved he is better than he failure known as Mark Sanchez, and has the work ethic to get better. Some people are scared of a successful white guy who is educated, experience in life, and overcomes odds and bigotry on a daily basis with a smile. Inferiority complex, anyone?

    • Susan Bailey

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    • Jagger Daniels

      You are delusional…People are against him because he can’t throw…Kurt Warner was a devout Christian and had no issues…Reggie White was a minister and was a devout Christian and is in the Hall of Fame…The difference is they were legit NFL players…Tebow cannot be a legit QB in the NFL…The so called Tebow worshippers cannot grasp that concept….If he could play he would be playing…No one is scared of a smiling white guy, just see peyton Manning or Tom Brady…The NFL is not going to play someone who cannot QB because some fans are delusional and think he is better than he really is…

  • J_R_Brown

    I don’t get it…they guy takes over in midseason for a “good quarterback” who couldn’t get his team in the win column on a regular basis and takes that same team to a bunch of wins, a playoff win and almost wins the conference but he’s “not an NFL quarterback”…?
    Tebow’s problem is not that he can’t play quarterback but that he works for people who don’t like him on a personal level. I will never root for that retired quarterback douchbag’s team ever again.

    • parkLitchfield212

      Does anybody know why he hasn’t been picked up by ANY team in the off season? I don’t care what he did in Denver, or why he wasn’t playing in NY? I don’t need a rehash of the back-room conspiracies, or petty jealousies, or his faith being a factor. He is not a stupid man, he is sharp as a razor, and personable as anyone would want. I believe he knew what he faced in NY, and went for the $Bucks as much as for the game. He got the bucks, but his contract is not so overloaded that a team who needs a QB with game and leadership like he is supposed to have would have gotten some offers.
      That is the question? The Jets don’t need him, could use the cap space, signed Gerrard, etc,etc. . Why is he still there? J R Brown, if you mean Denver, Elway would have traded 2 of his kids for Peyton Manning on his team for 2 years. Tebow’s trade was just icing on that cake.
      Had to be done for Cap space, blah, blah, blah.
      Why is he still on the Jets roster??

      • Jagger Daniels

        No one will give up anything of value for Tebow because no team feels he can play QB in the NFL…The Jets are hoping there is a desperate team out there willing to part with a pick for the buzz that bringing Tebow in will bring…As for Denver, Elway knew he could not win with Tebow, so when he got the chance to get a real QB, one who was NFL MVP 3 times and won a super bowl, of course he would take the chance…Everyone saw the Tebow debacles against Miami and other teams, where he was unable to hit open recievers and complete 50% of his passes.

    • Jagger Daniels

      No, Tebow’s issue is he can’t throw….As for the playoff win you Tebow fans keep referencing…So what? The next week he was embarassed by the Patriots…And Vince Ferragamo went to the Super Bowl and he was horrible…Trent Dilfer sucked and he won a super bowl…And Tebow isn’t even as good a QB as either of those guys….Why can’t you so called Tebow fans understand that in football the QB has to be able to throw…And before you make the Mike Vick comparisons Vick could throw the ball on a line 60 feet and was accurate…Tebow is unable to do either…

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