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Arian Foster Hoping To Get A Long-Term Deal From The Texans

Houston Texans RB Arian Foster mentioned that he wants to remain with Texans and is hoping to get a long-term contract done in the near future.

It’s out of my hands,” Foster said, via HoustonTexans.com. “It’s not under my control. The Texans are going to make the best move for their organization and their team, and if I happen to be a part of that, that’s a wonderful thing because I want to be a part of it. But if not, I have to continue living my life and they’ll do that with theirs. But I want to – they’ve expressed interest that they want to, and they already know that I want to stay in Houston. I’m just looking for that day. Hopefully, I can. Hopefully, they can make my dream come true, because I just love the city of Houston, man. I really do.”

Houston has to realize that Foster is a very important weapon in their offense. Ben Tate put together a decent season of his own but Foster was clearly the better player after he finally got healthy.

We posted an article yesterday in which we made the case for other team’s making him a qualifying offer. Since the highest tendered offer’s compensation has been lower from a first and third-round pick to just a first-rounder, it would make sense for team’s in need of a running back to try to sign him away from the Texans. You’re getting a proven commodity that will be entering the prime of his career. Why wouldn’t you give up a first-round pick and sign him to market value deal? The Bengals have two first-round picks and are in desperate need of an upgrade at the running back position. I doubt that Foster would leave the Texans for the Bengals but you can see my point.


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