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Arian Foster Says He’s Ready for Action

Peter King of Sports Illustrated wrote that Houston Texans running back Arian Foster described himself as being ready for the regular season with the use of such terms as “fresh” and “rejuvenated.”

Foster, who has been battling injuries all offseason, looks to recover a strained calf and sore back that have been a dark cloud over him for a majority of the last three months.

“I’m fine,’” Foster told King. “My body feels great. I actually think all this time [off] might help.

“You ask any player: ‘How’d you enjoy the lockout season?’ Great time. You had a chance to train without [having to] practice every day. When you got back to training camp, everyone felt fresh. That’s exactly how I feel right now. Over the past couple of months I had the chance to just train and rehab and work on my body and didn’t have all those carries in training camp. Even during camp I got a long rest [because of the back injury]. It’s usually a grind. Now I feel fresh. I feel rejuvenated.”

Foster has been a workhorse for the Texans over the last three seasons, averaging 95 yards a contest during that span. Having basically not played the game during summer, it is unknown how heavily Gary Kubiak will rely on Foster Week 1 with a solid back up option like Ben Tate who is more than capable of aiding in the rushing game.

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