Assessing A Redskins Move Up For RGIII


Dan Graziano of ESPN takes a look at what could lead to the Washington Redskins trading up for Baylor QB Robert Griffin III.

So far, the Redskins have been linked to a number of quarterback options. Reports have suggested that Washington head coach Mike Shanahan has heavy interest in signing Peyton Manning if he becomes available. Matt Flynn‘s name has also been linked to the Redskins but several reports have mentioned that he’s not being as strongly considered.

Graziano mentions that the Redskins plan for other positions like wide receiver, offensive line and secondary could ultimately determine whether or not they move up for Griffin.

If they end up getting a quarterback like Kyle Orton or Matt Flynn or Peyton Manning in free agency, that’ll tell you they’ve decided not to deal up for Griffin.” writes Graziano. “But if they can really hit it big in free agency at wide receiver, offensive line and in the defensive secondary, and they fill those spots with guys they think can be long-term answers at those positions, then they might get to draft day with quarterback as their only remaining huge need, and at that point they might decide that next year’s first-rounder is a worthwhile price for their long-term answer at the most important position.”

What’s interesting to consider is that if the Miami Dolphins sign Peyton Manning during free agency, it could entice the Browns to make a move for Matt Flynn which would essentially remove both of the top competitors for RGIII. The Rams may have to lower their asking price for the pick if the Redskins are the only ones interested in moving up for him. Seattle could always enter in the bidding at that point but the Redskins #6 pick is certainly better than Seattle’s #12.

That’s obviously a hypothetical situation but as we point out earlier in the day, Peyton Manning will determine what a number of teams do regarding their quarterback situations. Either way, we should know who has the best shot at Griffin half way into March.


pixy Assessing A Redskins Move Up For RGIII

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