At Least One Suitor For Vincent Jackson

Four days and counting until the deadline to trade Vincent Jackson is up. So far things do not seem to be progressing all that fast but that probably has something to with teams preparing for this Sunday’s games.

Pro Football Talk reports that a league source has confirmed that at least one NFL team has reached a deal with Jackson as long as the Chargers are able to put together a trade for him.

As we have discussed previously, the Chargers asking price is actually the biggest obstacle to over come  for any team that’s looking to trade for Jackson. This posses a bigger threat to Jackson than it does the Chargers because of the fact that the team isn’t planning on having him this season and knows that they will get a compensatory pick during the offseason for losing him.

A team will have to be willing to make a strong offer for him to be traded but I guess there’s always a chance that a team loses a No 1 wideout this Sunday.

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