Badgers RB Montee Ball Will Return For Senior Season


The Wisconsin Badgers may not get another year of QB Russell Wilson but they’ll at least get to see RB Montee Ball back for his senior season as he’s decided to return school instead of entering the upcoming draft.

Ball’s 2011 season was phenomenal to say the least as he ties NCAA touchdown record and finished in the top-five for the Heisman Trophy. It would be hard to build on that resume and increase his draft stock anymore but NFL draft advisory board had him listed as a third-round pick at this point.

This is the downside to being a running back, it’s very hard to break the into the first-round of the draft. On top of that, teams aren’t willing to take running backs as high as they did in years past so Ball’s third-round grade isn’t that crazy. He would be a great value non-the-less but he’ll hope to increase his draft stock next year.

pixy Badgers RB Montee Ball Will Return For Senior Season

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