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Bears Place OLB Willie Young On The Trade Block

Ian Rapoport reports that the Chicago Bears have placed OLB Willie Young on the trade block.

Interesting enough, Young was believed to be on the roster bubble. In fact, Young has performed considerably well this preseason, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see him garner some trade interest from outside teams.

Young, 29, had his most productive season of his five-year NFL career in 2014. Last season, he accumulated: 9.5 sacks, 40 total tackles, one forced fumble, and two pass defenses. Young sustained an Achilles’ injury during Week 16 of last year, but was able to avoid the PUP list while with Chicago.

We will provide more information regarding Young and his trade prospects as the news becomes available.

  • MrBearsox02 .

    Honestly I too have little use for most of the guys tossed up as NFL experts and such ! They are Heavy of the bias and quick on the bandwagons especially is involves bashing Cutler or praising Brady for example ! Blindly they jump on and parrot the other guys so as not to actually formulate a real opinion and even look at factual info !
    I watched Rodney Harrison one day talking about one of the latest NFL guys to get in trouble with the law and having a major issue . Well Mike Florio asked him what should happen to the guy and he said people like that should be suspended indefinitely if not removed from the team for good as this kind of stuff is bad for the team and for the league ! Later in the show they were on the subject of Ray Rice and teams having interest . Well our boy Harrison then chimes in and says I think he’s a good guy and everyone deserves a second chance !!! Hypocrite ! If the player is on his old team or a pal they are great and can do little or no wrong but if there is a bandwagon to ride Rodney is on it !!! Terrible on that show and I now stopped watching it !

  • bearfacts

    Although this makes perfect sense let’s remember that Rapaport was also one of those who reported that the Bears were shopping Marty Bennett before the draft and that rumor proved false. Rapaport and Adam Schefter are never above making up a story when they don’t have a single stitch of proof to back it up. They’re the two biggest dirt bag media guys out there.

    I can buy into Pace having shopped Willie Young if only because he’s one of the only tradeable commodities the Bears have to offer in exchange for a vet OT and frankly that should be the asking price or no less than a 3rd round 2016 pick. 4-3 DE pass rushers have value. No one jumped prior to the cut downs thinking they might get him for nothing so by keeping him Pace now forces anyone interested to make a trade. Smart move by the rookie GM.

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