Bears Targeting WR Vincent Jackson?

ESPN’s John Clayton also sees the Bears making a “big run’ at Vincent Jackson.

The media’s behind it, the fans appear to support the idea, so I guess it’s just up to Phil Emery to make it happen. Obviously, that’s easier said than done considering the number of teams that will be pursing him in the coming weeks.


Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune tweets that he expects to see the Bears to make a run at Chargers WR Vincent Jackson in the coming weeks.

McClure also mentioned that they would also consider Lions DE Cliff Avril but he was franchised by Detroit earlier in the day.

Jackson seems like an obvious target for Chicago and many of our readers seem to believe that it’s a foregone conclusion. The interest will obviously be there but it will ultimately come down to market factors. The Redskins, Rams, Jaguars, Buccaneers and Vikings have all be suggested as possible options so it will be one of the more interesting story lines of the offseason.


pixy Bears Targeting WR Vincent Jackson?

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Mikey Roederer
Mikey Roederer

I really really want to see V-Jax light it up in a Bears Uniform this year, and we definitely have the need and the money…Sadly, I think he stays in San Diego though, so I feel Bears fans shouldn’t put all their eggs in this basket..Normally I am not a fan of patching holes w/ Free Agency, but WR is one of those spots..Rookie WR’s rarely have a big time break out season until season two or three, and I’m not sure the Bears can wait that long, our D is only getting older…This is the year the Bears need… Read more »


the bucs are going to take him they have money and they are desperate and need a reciever like v-jax to lead them out of their funk that they’re in right now so i’m looking forward to seeing v-jax come to tampa


Looks look at Mr. Jackson’s other options shall we?
Redskins – No QB
Rams – Its the Rams
Jaguars – Jay Cutler or Blaine Gabbert? hmm
Buccaneers – Jay Cutler or Josh Freeman? hmm

As for those teams having more cap space than the Bears: “The bottom line, and Phil knows this, if there is someone we want — and it makes sense — money is not going to be an issue,” Bears Chairman George McCaskey told the Chicago Tribune

Looking forward to V-Jax and Cutty doing big things this season