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Bears Waive S Brock Vereen, Sign S Chris Prosinski & LB LaRoy Reynolds

The Chicago Bears continued making changes to their roster on Tuesday by waiving S Brock Vereen and signing S Chris Prosinski and LB LaRoy Reynolds to contract.

Vereen, 23, was taken in the fourth round of last year’s NFL draft, so his time in Chicago was obviously short lived. He is in the second year of his four-year, $2,611,500 rookie contract that included a $391,500 signing bonus.

Vereern stands to make base salaries of $510,000 (2015), $600,000 (2016), and $690,000 (2017) over the remainder of the contract.

This season, Vereen has appeared in three games for the Bears, but has yet to record a single statistic.


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Calling the trade of an aging vet who doesn’t fit the defense he’s playing in and ridding the team of two reserves who in one case hasn’t been on the field in nearly a year and the other who can’t cover and can’t tackle a “Fire Sale” is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. One person called it that and pretty soon every other writer is copying it. You guys are a pathetic bunch.

NFL Trade Rumors

HA! Nowhere in this post did we use the words “Fire Sale” so I assume this isn’t directly at us. Has we used that term, I would completely agree that this is overstating things, but I’m honestly not sure what you’re talking about.


To defend bearfacts – BleacherReport linked to this and called it ‘Fire Sale Continues…’ so thats where that came from…however as an editor/writer, I assume u meant to misspell here? “Has we used that term” careful NFLTR, you have readers you dont want to piss off too badly

NFL Trade Rumors

Yikes, that was a poor mistake on my part. Thanks for clarifying where the “fire sale” phrase came from.

We were simply defending ourselves, given that we never used this phrase and were called “pathetic” for doing so.


He’s referring to the link from the BR page that lead here…I used the same link as well…

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