Bengals and Benson Have Not Spoken Yet?


On Tuesday, Cedric Benson joined Sirius NFL Radio and spoke about where things are right now between him and the Bengals.

I’m not sure,” states Benson, via Cincinnati Enquirer. “We haven’t had any talks about a new deal.”

Benson, who has been with the team for four years now, did reach the 1,000 yard rushing  mark in each of his last three season, but he still has had a decrease in production and increase in fumbles, to go along with his off the field issues. Benson, did go on to defend himself, by saying:

We had a chance to establish an identity and we kind of got in our rhythm at times and there were times that were tough,” said Benson about the past season. “You can look at the statistics. We didn’t stick on what the offense was built on. When we had Carson and Chad we kept a strong identity in the run game and we kind of got away from it and didn’t let that part of the offense grow and bit the bullet on it a little bit.”

The Bengals are expected to be looking for better options in both in free agency and the upcoming draft.  Of the two, it would make sense for them to look to the draft and possibly in the second-round to add some additional talent. By then they could be choosing from one of Lamar Miller, David Wilson and Doug Martin. We have Cincinnati taking Doug Martin in the second-round in our most recent 2012 NFL Mock Draft.

pixy Bengals and Benson Have Not Spoken Yet?

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