Bengals Concerned About Andy Dalton’s Upside?

Greg Cosell of NFL Films mentioned that there are some within the Cincinnati Bengals organization that “have a few doubts” about Andy Dalton‘s ceiling as an NFL quarterback.

I think there’s a sense right now, for a lot of people, that Dalton’s on his way toward being a great quarterback,” said Cosell, via Yahoo! Sports. “I can tell you that those in the Bengals’ organization have a few doubts as to what his true upside is. Because at the end of the day, while I think Dalton is a good player, I think — not I think, I know — that he’s got some arm strength limitations.

Cosell added that this is an obvious concern for the team, as offensive coordinator Jay Gruden did a great job of playing to his strengths last season. The Bengals certainly played better than anyone expected and are poised to build on last year’s playoff appearance, but they’ll ultimately go as far as Dalton is able to take them. If he’s really nearing his ceiling, than it make more sense for the team to regress in terms of their offensive production, now that NFL team’s have had a year’s worth of film on him.

There are always going to be doubts surrounding a quarterback that doesn’t possess a big arm, but that’s just how things are in the NFL.

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