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Best Available NFL Free Agents List

Here’s our list of the Top 50 – 2013 Free Agents still available.

by Nathan Rivera (Twitter)


  • Complete list of available – 2013 NFL Free Agents


 2013 NFL Free Agents
Rank Player Team Pos. Age
1 . Brandon Lloyd  WR 31
2 . Brandon Moore  DAL G 33
3 . Kerry Rhodes S 31
4 . Richard Seymour DT 33
5 . Quintin Mikell CAR S 32
6 . Vonta Leach BAL FB 31
7 . Willis McGahee RB 31
8 . Austin Collie  SF WR 27
9 . Mark Anderson DE 30
10 . Sione Pouha NT 35
11 . Joe Mays ILB 29
12 Nick Barnett  WAS ILB 32
13 . Beanie Wells RB 24
14 . Michael Boley ILB 31
15 . Cedric Benson  RB 30

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Vearly C. Evans Sr.

Teams need to judge Vince Young on their own evaluation of him…. Every team say Vince is a hard worker, but you don’t hear anything about that…. But the minute someone says something negative about him and it spread like wild-fire… Thus, a negative Perception of Vince Young is born… Give the man a chance, a REAL chance to “sink or swim”… And nothing else will be said….


Daryl Smith was signed by the Ravens, and Brian Hoyer signed with the Browns.

NFL Trade Rumors

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. There was an error while updating it, but we appreciate your help.


Some of these free agents are most likely making unrealistic demands. They can stand on conviction (or delusion) in their demands for a certain amount in their contract or simply retire. It looks like teams are not going for the musical chair dance this year.


Brandon Lloyd is not 28.

NFL Trade Rumors

Thanks. It was a copy paste error. My apologies.

Madden 13 Tips

Beanie Wells is not 31 lol


Shocks me that half of these guys haven’t even found a job yet.

NFL Trade Rumors

Agreed. The market should pickup a bit after the draft, but even then it’s doubtful that most of these guys will be able to do any better than a one-year deal and try again next year.


Beanie Wells definitely isn’t 31.

Vearly C. Evans Sr.

Bring in Vince Young…. He is ready, motivated, hungry and determined to help lead a team to the SuperBowl…


Misspelled Abraham

Zac Minter

Hahaha sedrick ellis in the top 50 made me lose my shit. Not even sure if he should be in the top 50 defensive lineman list, assuming there is 50 DL left in FA…

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