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Big Changes Coming To The Jets Offense

Rich Cimini of ESPN New York, who was in attendance for the first day of the Jets offseason workout program, got perception that the team plans to have two different offenses ran by Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.  As offensive guard Matt Slauson put it, “It’s like we’re going to be two separate teams”.

From the moment Tebow was brought in, the Jets made it know that he was indeed going to become heavily involved in the teams offensive plans.  The “up to 20 snaps per game” that head coach Rex Ryan stated Tebow would be in the game for, at first seemed to be too many for a so called No.2 QB, but after learning that the Jets plan to use him at several positions, including quarterback, half Back, running back, fullback, a personel protector on specia teams, as well as the plays out of the wildcat, per Sal Paolantonio, it makes more sense as Tebow will be on the field at the same time as Mark Sanchez for a portion of those snaps.

“You guys will be really surprised by what Mark’s going to do this year,” said Slausen. “The way we’re going to be running things plays right into Mark’s strengths, running the ball. It’ll be very similar to what we did in Rex (Ryan’s) first two years, very much a style like that — heavy run, heavy play action and whipping out a deep ball every now and again.” 

It is still very early in the offense, and remains to be seen if things will work out well with both high profile players being heavily involved in the offense, but if the Jets are able to make it work, you could see their offense become one of the most explosive in the AFC.


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