Bill Belichick Believed To Make $12.5M Per Year, “Zero-Point-Zero” Percent Chance He Leaves

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, there’s a “zero-point-zero percent” chance Bill Belichick leaves the Patriots.

Sources have told Florio that Belichick is under contract for multiple years and he’s believed to be making $12.5 million per year as part of his current deal.

There was a lot made about Jon Gruden getting $10 million per year in his new 10-year contract with the Raiders, but it sounds like he’s still second Belichick on the coaches pay scale.

On Saturday, Patriots owner Robert Kraft tells Peter King of that he “absolutely” believes Belichick will be the coach of the team in 2018 and he won’t trade his head coach.

When you’re lucky enough to have someone exceptional, you let them do their job and you get out of the way,” Kraft tells King.

A strange report surfaced a few days ago that Belichick “seeing an opening” to become the Giants’ head coach, but there are so many factors working against this being even a remote option.

This came after the ESPN report that questioned how long Belichick may remain in New England after all that has transpired with the team over the past year.

While there may be some concerns about the Patriots’ long-term plans at quarterback, it’s clear that the team is in good hands for as long as Belichick remains in New England.

We’ll have more regarding the Patriots as the news is available.

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