Bills Could Bring In Norv Turner As Offensive Coordinator?


Despite mentioning the possibility that Norv Turner could be an option for the Bills’ offensive coordinator job earlier in the day, Michael Silver no longer expects him to be an option for Buffalo.


Michael Silver of NFL Media mentions that if Mike McCoy doesn’t join Sean McDermott in Buffalo as his offensive coordinator — assuming, of course, that McDermott gets the Bills’ head-coaching job –, it’s possible the Bills could consider bringing in Norv Turner to run their offense.

All indications are that the Bills are closing in on an agreement with McDermott, but McCoy still has a number of options right now including the Broncos and Jaguars. In fact, the Broncos have an interviewed scheduled with him this week, so it would make sense for McDermott to begin looking for alternative options.

As for Turner, he’s said that he would like to coach against, despite the fact that he resigned from his position with the Vikings midseason.

I just enjoy it too much,” Turner said, per Adam Schefter. “I really enjoy teaching the players.

Turner later explained to Ian Rapoport that he felt like he was holding the team back before he ultimately decided to resign from his position earlier in the week.

Sometimes, you feel like you might be holding them back,” Turner said, “holding them back from things all getting on the same page. I don’t want anyone to think I was bailing. It just wasn’t working.

Since it came out of nowhere, some wondered if this could be healthy related or if he planned to retire from coaching. However, Turner said that he’s healthy and still unsure about his future as a football coach.

“It’s something people may not understand,” Turner explained. “It’s not me against somebody else. The situation was such … I don’t think I could get done the things we needed to get done. It wasn’t something you just wake up and decide. It’s been building. It wasn’t going to work with me. So let me get out of the way and let them have a chance to make it work.”

Turner, 64, was hired by the Vikings to run their offense back in 2014 and he’s spent the past two and half years in Minnesota. The Vikings ranked No. 31 in yards per game, No. 28 in points passing yards per game, No. 31 in rushing yards per game and No. 23 in points per game this season at the time he resigned.

We’ll have more regarding a new opportunity for Turner as the news is available.

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