Bills Discussing A Number Of Trade Scenarios With Teams Involving No. 10 Pick


Sal Capaccio reports that the Bills are targeting two-three players, but know none of them may be available to them at No. 10 overall, which has prompted them to have “just in case” trade talks with teams sitting after them.

According to Capaccio, these potential trades would be contingent on certain players being available, but the wheels are at least in motion for a potential trade down if that proves to be the case.

Capaccio adds that Buffalo is willing to trade up a few spots to get one of their targets, but the cost would need to right and they may not go up any higher than No. 6 overall.

Capaccio’s educated guess is that the Bills are interested in safeties Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker.

There has been a lot of talk about a team like the Browns needing to get ahead of the Bills at No. 10 for a quarterback. However, it sounds like Buffalo may be content to allow one of the safeties to drop to them or try to get out of the top 10 picks and pick up another selection to work with later on in the draft.

We’ll have more regarding the Bills as the news is available.

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