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Brandon Lloyd Willing To Return To St Louis

The St Louis Rams traded for WR Brandon Lloyd early on in the season but the move seemed rather curious since the Rams weren’t exactly contending at the time but they did have Josh McDaniels, who previously coached Lloyd while in Denver, installed as their offensive coordinator.

Lloyd mentioned a few months ago that he willing to follow McDaniels where ever he goes and was hoping to remain with the Rams. Well, since then McDaniels has left for the Patriots and the Rams have a new head coach in Jeff Fisher but that doesn’t appear to change Lloyd’s intentions of staying with the team.

He’s always a coach that I admired in my career,” Lloyd said of Fisher while appearing on ESPN 101 St. Louis. He added that he would be “very interested” in re-signing with the Rams and playing with Sam Bradford but conceded that “it’s one of those things that comes down to, ‘How do I fit into the scheme,’ though.”

New England could still be a possibility for Lloyd as the could use some help at receiver but there priority will most likely be re-signing WR Wes Welker so Lloyd would likely have to take a lower to Patriots but that’s purely speculative at this point.

We have Lloyd listed as the #42 best available free agent in our Top 50 Free Agents list.

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