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NFL Fines Giants $150K & HC Ben McAdoo $50K For Using Walkie-Talkie

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the NFL has fined the Giants $150,000 and HC Ben McAdoo $50,000 for using walkie talkies during their game against Cowboys.

  • According to Schefter, the NFL has also decided to move their fourth-round pick back to the end of the fourth-round compensatory picks as part of their punishment. Although, they can’t drop any more than 12 spots.
  • The NFL’s investigation concluded that McAdoo used the walkie talkie for five plays, according to Mike Garafolo.

Here’s a statement from the Giants regarding the punishment:

“It was a clear violation of the rules, and we accept full responsibility and the penalty.

The Giants were expected to be fined but reports from this past weekend mentioned that they wouldn’t lose any draft picks for the violation.

Schefter previously mentioned that the Giants’ use of walkie-talkies “has offended various officials in other organizations who have complained privately about it throughout last week.

NFL rules prevent coaches from holding any two-way radios during a game, even in situations where their communication system is no longer working.

One source tells Schefter that this situation was worse than former Browns GM Ray Farmer communicating with OC Kyle Shanahan in the middle of games back in 2014. The Browns lost a draft pick for this situation, so you can see why some are upset that the Giants may only receive a fine.

Giants HC Ben McAdoo was seen on the sidelines relaying calls to Eli Manning during Week 14’s game after the communication system in Manning’s helmet was no longer working.

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