Brees’ Agent Surprised By Slow Pace Of Negotiations


ESPN’s John Clayton mentioned that Drew Bress’ agent, Tom Condon, is surprised by how slow the negotiations have progressed between him and the Saints regarding a new contract.

I ran into his agent, Tom Condon of CAA, last week, and even he’s kind of baffled at this time as far as how this is going because it’s going to slow,” Clayton said. “Everybody knows the Saints aren’t going to lose Drew Brees. They can franchise him, they can get him to a long-term deal. But they’re really somewhat nowhere right now as far as getting a contract. But there’s still plenty of time before they have to make a franchise designation to pick things up. But that has to start picking up, really, in the next week or so. At this stage there’s been no real solid progress, but everybody in New Orleans, including Drew Brees, knows he’s not going to be a free agent. He is their franchise.

There no question that a deal will be done in the coming weeks but it would advantageous for them to come to agreement relatively soon. As soon as Brees is under contract, they can begin to start negotiations with some of their other key free agents like Marques Colston, Carl Nicks and Tracey Porter.

pixy Brees' Agent Surprised By Slow Pace Of Negotiations

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