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Brian Urlacher Still Dealing With Knee Injury

Chicago Bears LB Brian Urlacher is still dealing with an injury that was sustained in week 17 against the Vikings.

I haven’t pushed it,” Urlacher said, per Kevin Seifert of ESPN. “I’ve done what I’ve been told to do. I’ve kind of laid off of it. There’s no reason to rush it right now. It was a pretty good injury. I’m just trying to relax a little bit longer, and when it’s time to finally get going, I’ll be ready go.”

Urlacher, 33, tore his left MCL and PCL during the game. What’s really disappointing about the injury is the fact that it happened late in the season during a meaningless game for the Bears. Chicago head coach Lovie Smith mentioned that Urlacher was completely healed back in February, but Urlacher now admits that there are still things that he’s currently unable to do.

Recovering from a serious injury, that typically effects a players speed and overall movement is bad enough, but Urlacher will be 34 in May, so it’s hard to say how effective he’s going to be in the coming years. I’ll admit that people have been talking about Urlacher possibly declining for a number of years now and that just hasn’t happened. This guy has a tenacious will to play at the highest level and there’s arguably no better defensive captain in the game.

Chicago will eventually have to start grooming his replacement but it’s hard to know exactly when he’ll be needed.

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